Under Kyoshu-sama, the Master of Rituals and Ceremonies, the July Monthly Service took place at the World Church of Messiah Headquarters on July 1. In addition, the Third-Year Memorial Service of Takae Okada, who was a member of Meishu-sama’s Official Spiritual Lineage, was held together with the Monthly Ancestor Service.

I, the reporter, was astonished. On the topic of “Who is higher up, Meishu-sama or us?” Masaaki-sama conveyed his Sacred Word that if we return to God, we would be on the same level as Meishu-sama. He said that if we return to God, we would equally be brothers and sisters even with Meishu-sama and Jesus, and as children of God, we would be joint heirs. I sincerely asked God to allow me to call Him “Father” and to inherit His divine work. But first, I must repent. I had been blocking my own ears from hearing the voice of God calling me, ignoring my inner voice yearning for my true Father. I had been praying to God in a selfish way and conveniently used the words “brothers and sisters.” Looking squarely at my own posture, acknowledging that it has already been atoned for and forgiven, I will praise the glory of our Father in Heaven.

Coincidentally, the construction of the sacred ground in Africa and the construction of the Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah in Japan started at around the same time. As Masaaki-sama revealed the significance of this to us, I marveled at the plan of God, and at the same time, it felt as though my field of view opened wide. How can I not be inspired when this magnificent divine work that unfolds beyond the vast sea is right in front of me? It was announced by Masaaki-sama. The time of construction is now. The time is ripe. Let us follow and advance together on this path being paved by Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama.

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