As the outpour of joy turned into smiles, a thunder of applause arose.

On July 15, the day before the Profession Ceremony at Nara Church, Masaaki-sama made a visit to Ikoma Church and Oji Church. Approximately 100 members gathered at Ikoma Church.

Masaaki-sama’s Sacred Word heard not at another church, but their very own. His big, warm heart giving deep thought to the members. Everyone was concentrating so as not to miss a single word. At the end, Masaaki-sama exchanged handshakes with each and every person, and with the ever-increasing enthusiasm, everyone was walking on air—it was a moment filled with a sense of unity.

When Masaaki-sama makes a visit, it means that Kyoshu-sama is making a visit and that Meishu-sama is making a visit. We were all filled with deep emotion that can only be felt by those of us who understand the meaning of this, and I, the reporter, also felt a surge of limitless strength in my entire body. Now, the gloomy and depressing path that we had walked while struggling on our own is nowhere to be found. With gratitude for being guided to this state where we can only see light, and with a firm determination to construct the Holy Sanctuary of the Messiah for the salvation of all humanity, we saw Masaaki-sama off to Oji Church.

~To be continued~

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