On July 15, after visiting Ikoma Church, Masaaki-sama made a visit to Oji Church, where approximately 40 members gathered. When Masaaki-sama arrived, the members welcomed him with a big round of applause.

Masaaki-sama, who bestows his Sacred Word to us in a friendly manner. Masaaki-sama, who shakes hands with each individual member and the joyful expressions on the faces of those members. In the presence of such warmth and solidarity, I, the reporter, became convinced that even if there may be a physical distance, every single one of us members of World Church of Messiah around the world is always serving under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama without exception. The supreme emotion and joy that the participants received on this day is the emotion and joy of all the members of World Church of Messiah around the world. With great joy and responsibility, we would like to unite as one and push forward on this path of God’s glory, which we could never tread on our own.

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