Just like us,

Our ancestors have forgotten.

They have forgotten that

They had received God’s will in heaven.


Not knowing the truth and

Seeking salvation until the very end,

Numerous ancestors left this world.



At this moment,

Our ancestors wish to return to heaven,

To our true Father,

To God!


God has turned His heart to our ancestors

And is now receiving them into His hand,

Into His saving, majestic hand!


Ancestors who are to be saved.

The divine God who saves—

Both exist within us.


God now forgives and saves our ancestors

Through using our thoughts,

Through using each one of our thoughts!


Ah, I ponder.

It is thanks to our father, mother

And all of our ancestors through the generations

That we now exist.


Why are we here on earth?

It is to serve in the divine will—

The will to turn human beings into God’s children.


We should wish for our ancestors

To be born anew first,

Before us.


Through the name of Messiah

And together with myself,

I surrender the ancestors who exist within me

Into God’s divine hand.

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