I came to know a path

That atones for my sin, that saves

And that makes me be born anew

As a child of God.


At the beginning of the Creation,

God already accomplished the path

In His kingdom of heaven!


In heaven,

God first granted us the path

In order to save the entire earth!


Let us remind ourselves:

We were sent to the world

Carrying with us the path

That has already been accomplished.


How awe-inspiring it is that

God receives everything

Through the path that exists within us.


It is because the path exists within us

That we are able to feel suffering and agony

In this world.


All these feelings that I felt as mine—

I surrender them to God

Through the name of Messiah.


This path that runs through

The holy members of World Church of Messiah

Is Meishu-sama,

Is Jesus.

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