Through religious activities that respect the heart of each individual, World Church of Messiah strives to enlighten members of society to contribute to the public good. As a part of this, we are promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) practices, including diversity.

As an initiative of the “Social” part of our ESG practices, we have started implementing Health Management. Health Management is prioritizing the health of employees to help prevent disease and support early treatment, leading to improved work productivity and reduced medical costs. Our organization has over 200 employees in Japan in addition to employees of our affiliated organizations in 13 other countries. In order for our employees around the world to work and live a healthy lifestyle, World Church of Messiah recommends for them to follow what is called a vegan diet, which excludes meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, based on the vision of a vegan diet advocated by our founder, Mokichi Okada.

The vegan diet has yet to be widely recognized and popularized in Japan, but various studies conducted by universities and institutions around the world have shown its effectiveness in improving health, and it is not uncommon to see companies and hotels offer vegan options. It is well known that Novak Djokovic, who has the most Grand Slam titles in the history of men’s tennis; Lewis Hamilton, who continues to break the record for the most F1 (motorsport) wins; and the famous Carl Lewis are all vegan. As such, it is gradually becoming common knowledge around the world that a vegan diet makes the body healthy and strong. By recommending a vegan diet to our employees, World Church of Messiah will strive to improve the health of our employees and their families, reduce medical costs and improve their quality of life. Coincidentally, November 1 is World Vegan Day. With the hope that many people adopt a vegan diet, we aim to realize a world free of disease, poverty, and war, as advocated by our founder, Mokichi Okada.

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