October 30, 2023


From World Church of Messiah
Board of Executive Directors


To Staff Members All Around the World



World Church of Messiah Recommends a Vegan Diet


Under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, you have been awakened to the true salvation of Jesus Christ and Meishu-sama and are serving wholeheartedly on a daily basis in spreading that gospel of salvation. For this, we sincerely thank you.

In recent days, from Masaaki-sama, who is one with Kyoshu-sama, the staff members in Japan have received Sacred Word: For the September Monthly Service and Tenth-Year Memorial Service of the Third Spiritual Leader, “Diet of the new era—Receiving the will of Meishu-sama.”* For the World Church of Messiah Grand Autumn Service, “World Church of Messiah of complete freedom.”* (*Editorial note: Translation of the titles are subject to revision.) For staff members all around the world including Japan, we have received Masaaki-sama’s video message No. 20 “Food.”

In “Food,” Masaaki-sama said the following:


Meishu-sama said that in the world of Miroku, in the ideal world to come, everyone will turn into a vegetarian. To me, Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word is always sacred and unchangeable. And I believe that this day will come when Meishu-sama’s will is fulfilled.

I think we have created an image of Meishu-sama that is completely different from the one that is expressed in Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word I cited today, completely different from the true image of Meishu-sama, the Meishu-sama who wishes for all humanity to turn into vegetarians.


Masaaki-sama is trying to make us remember, trying to awaken us to the will that Meishu-sama entrusted to us decades ago, the will that in the world of Miroku, in the ideal world to come, everyone will turn into a vegetarian.

Masaaki-sama is guiding us with unshakeable faith, expressing that this day will definitely come when this Meishu-sama’s wish, will and Sacred Word is fulfilled.

For Masaaki-sama, who is one with Kyoshu-sama, to feel strongly about this means nothing else except that Meishu-sama feels strongly about it.

Now, I can only think that through Masaaki-sama, without a doubt, Meishu-sama is saying that the world of Miroku is already here, remember my will, won’t you accomplish it for me?

This is clear, as Masaaki-sama quoted from the Sacred Word that Meishu-sama conveyed to his close assistants and attendants:

When vegetables are delicious, people will eat them more. This would change human nature itself. Social evils and diet are related. As the world of Miroku approaches, people will have to eat a vegetarian diet.


Masaaki-sama has taught us what Meishu-sama said, that in the future, humanity “will have to eat a vegetarian diet,” that is, he has to make humanity eat vegetables.

The fact that Masaaki-sama is now conveying to us this Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word regarding the diet of the world of Miroku, means that now is the time that Meishu-sama wants to make all of humanity eat a lot of vegetables, strongly urging everyone to become vegetarian, an essential requirement for someone who lives in the world of Miroku. We cannot help but think this.

Within this “all of humanity,” it goes without saying that we staff members around the world are included.

As the Board of Executive Directors of World Church of Messiah, to pass over this matter currently shown to us by Masaaki-sama, that is, by Kyoshu-sama, that is, by Meishu-sama, as if nothing is happening, is simply not an option.

In view of this, the Board of Executive Directors of World Church of Messiah has determined for all staff members around the world to put forward the direction to “highly recommend a vegetarian diet,” and as Masaaki-sama repeatedly said in his Sacred Word in September and October, this is not by any means a commandment, discipline, forced rule or the like.

The “vegetarian diet” that World Church of Messiah speaks about is explained in Masaaki-sama’s video message. He says, Meishu-sama, who was given up by a doctor and whose only hope for surviving was a miracle, cured his illness through a strict vegetarian diet, of course without eggs or dairy products. We would like for this diet to be the standard.

This vegetarian diet that Meishu-sama practiced is a diet without not only meat but also without eggs or dairy products—we gather that it is a total vegetarian diet, which, to the world, is known as “vegan” or “a vegan diet.” For us at World Church of Messiah, our model is Meishu-sama, and this total vegetarian diet—a vegan diet—will be our standard.

For a long time, wasn’t our understanding of Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word regarding food something like “food that has as little chemicals, like pesticides, as possible” or “food that is organic, if possible”? And didn’t we continue to ignore Meishu-sama’s will or Sacred Word on humanity becoming people who follow a vegan diet in the world of Miroku?

And now, Masaaki-sama has made us realize this disrespect we had toward Meishu-sama and boldly guided us with absolute belief in Meishu-sama to walk the path in line with Meishu-sama’s will.

All of us members of the Board of Executive Directors of World Church of Messiah humbly acknowledge that we are not able to find our way to Meishu-sama’s will with our own power, intelligence or our own understanding or interpretation of Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word, and for matters regarding food too, we return all of our understanding and interpretation until now to Meishu-sama and newly receive guidance from Masaaki-sama, who is one with Kyoshu-sama. We must take to heart this posture as our baseline. We wish for all staff members, too, to carry these same thoughts and feelings.

As Masaaki-sama taught us, Meishu-sama made not only himself but also his own family as well as his followers who were ill practice a vegan diet, and by doing so, he freed many people from sickness.

In his Sacred Word “Diet of the new era,”* Masaaki-sama said, “Since Meishu-sama wishes for us to spend our time on earth in good health, I would feel so guilty if this Meishu-sama’s wish were left without being realized.”

This heart of Masaaki-sama that thinks of us in this way is too precious to waste. We members of the Board of Executive Directors of World Church of Messiah are compelled to respond to this deep love of Masaaki-sama in any way we can.

For staff members around the world, we hope that you may share the thoughts and feelings of all of us, the executive directors, and serve together in this newer stage of World Church of Messiah’s divine work. For this, we would like to walk together on this path that Meishu-sama revealed to us about food in the world of Miroku, that is, a total vegetarian diet, and practice it with joy. And with that joy rippling throughout all of World Church of Messiah, we wish that each and every member and staff member can become a worthy existence to live in the world of Miroku that is finally arriving right before our eyes. For this, we sincerely ask for everyone’s support.

From what we heard from Masaaki-sama, the day after tomorrow, November 1, mysteriously enough happens to be World Vegan Day. And last time, the day of the Grand Autumn Service, October 1, happened to be World Vegetarian Day.

In these moments, Meishu-sama’s will that in the world of Miroku, everyone will turn into someone who follows a vegan diet has appeared through Masaaki-sama’s guidance—we would like to accept this as God’s will.

To all the staff members and their families, we pray for your further good health and happiness.

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