Mr. Manuel, 68, is a member of the Região dos Lagos Church, Rio de Janeiro. He has been proactive in distributing the Church leaflet “Who We Are” to his family members, neighbors and the people he meets on the street. One day, when Mr. Manuel went to the pharmacy, he had a conversation with Mr. Cláudio, 66, who is a pharmacist. Their conversation led to the topic of faith, so Mr. Manuel talked to him about World Church of Messiah. After hearing that Mr. Cláudio is a member of the Evangelical Church, Mr. Manuel conveyed to him that the Messiah that the members of the Evangelical Church and all people are eagerly waiting for has already arrived and that Christ has already returned within each one of us. Mr. Cláudio was very surprised to hear this. Furthermore, Mr. Cláudio seemed interested in the content of the leaflet. When Mr. Manuel told him about the official YouTube channel of World Church of Messiah and showed him several videos that he could watch, Mr. Cláudio immediately took out a paper and a pen and started taking notes. Mr. Manuel said that the smile on Mr. Cláudio’s face when he handed him the leaflet left an impression on him.

Although this was a simple experience, it has been of great strength to Mr. Manuel. The fact that a person of Christian faith was this moved is proof that the Sacred Word of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama is the truth that many people are eagerly waiting for.

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