It is I.

It is I who forgot

That God is the parent of life, consciousness and soul.


It is I.

It is I who judged the workings of grace

By selfishly selecting

What is convenient for me or not.


It is I.

It is I who was stubbornly protecting myself

And thought nothing of seeking God’s will.


It is I.

It is I who overlooked God

Whose shape I cannot see,

Whose voice I cannot hear

And who quietly rests within me.


O Meishu-sama,

You declared that Jesus is the Lord

Who atoned for the sins of human beings!


O Lord God,

My sin of disrespecting You

Has been atoned for by the precious holy blood!


I have been forgiven.

I have come to know my true parent.


I return to my true home

With an open heart.


You, O God,

Use my breath and thoughts

And advance the new work of creation!


From the kingdom of heaven,

I amply bestow the grace of the golden and atoning blood

Upon the earth!

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