The prayer for the Tenth-Year Memorial Service of the Third Spiritual Leader took place on September 4 at the World Church of Messiah Headquarters.

On this significant day, when I close my eyes, I can vividly remember the image of Sandai-sama who I once saw up close. When Sandai-sama made a missionary visit, she shook hands with me, an elementary school student at the time, with a kind and warm smile on her face. Even I, who did not even know the word “faith” at the time, could not wash my hands that day for some reason. It must have been because Sandai-sama served God with all her heart and soul, and the moment I saw her and touched her hand, my instinct of seeking God as my true parent was awakened. That was the thought that came to my mind.

The reason why we are allowed to practice our faith today is because of Sandai-sama, who inherited the true path of salvation that began with Meishu-sama followed by Nidai-sama and then entrusted it to the current Yondai Kyoshu-sama. With this feeling of gratitude deeply engraved in my heart, I would like to go straight on this path under the leadership of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama.


[Sacred Word of Sandai-sama]

For the divine work of the Church, for God’s plan to advance without distortion, a center is necessary. That center is the holy seat of Kyoshu. We need a seat, a position, to unify all activities of divine work. This seat is nothing other than the holy seat of Kyoshu. To carry out religious activities with Kyoshu as the center allows for the eternal continuation of unfaltering divine work through even the fourth, fifth, sixth and following Kyoshus. Instead, the executives set Kyoshu up onto a high place without power, and they thought that they were in control—the executives whose direction is always unstable because of their fixed terms. And they say they are “sacred-grounds-centered”! How can Meishu-sama bless these sacred grounds? He cannot.

Sermon, November 16, 1985

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