The Summer Youth Gathering was held throughout Japan in various locations. On August 27, gatherings were held in the Eastern Japan Region and the Chugoku Region, where the regional director of each region participated. After everyone offered their prayer to God and the regional director greeted the participants, they sang the original songs of World Church of Messiah, watched the animated version of a book from World Church of Messiah’s children’s series “Glory and Grace and Their Forest Friends” and participated in various activities.


The gathering in the Eastern Japan Region was held at the Uenohara Church with approximately 90 participants. The participants had a fun time together doing activities such as making pizza, playing original games and participating in the watermelon splitting game. The young members who worked on the preparations read together the message from Masaaki-sama (published in issue No. 42 of Glory in Japanese), which they received at the music camp of The Messiah Choir Youth Division. With Masaaki-sama’s Sacred Word in their hearts, the young members worked on the preparations for the gathering.


The gathering in the Chugoku Region was held at the Hiroshima City Higashi Ward Community Cultural Center with approximately 50 participants. Through recreational activities such as games and quizzes, the participants deepened their connection with each other as those who share the same faith.


With the participants spending time together and having fun, the Summer Youth Gathering offers many opportunities for them to turn their hearts to the love of God.

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