Kyoshu-sama’s Hymns – December 1, 2021

O God,What is the happiness of eternal life?It is the joy of being born anew as Your child. -------------------- O Meishu-sama,You imparted to usThe salvation that leads to true life! -------------------- A new heaven, earth and world have come!This, O Meishu-sama,...

Hymn Offerings – Grand Autumn Service 2021

Hymn OfferingsFive hymns were selected from a pool of 406 hymn offerings from participants all over Japan to be sung at the Grand Autumn Service.   At this Grand Autumn Service,I sincerely turn to You, O God,Wishing to offer my present self,As I am, no...

Sacred Word of Meishu-sama, Grand Autumn Service 2021

   Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word“The uniqueness of the salvation of our Church”   The mission of our Church is to save those who are suffering in hell into heaven and thus turn society into a heavenly state. To save people into heaven, you must climb up to heaven...

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