Meishu-sama and the Bible – 19

   Meishu-samaNext is where? Kyushu. We need to wait a little more, but in time, a paradise on earth will be constructed in Kyushu. After that, it will be constructed in China. Then it will be in Jerusalem, and that’s it. So it will continue to go westward. The...

Kyoshu-sama’s Hymns – September 1, 2021

Oh, it was IWho locked up all my ancestorsIn the world of the dead,Naming it the “spiritual world”! -------------------- O God,We did not know Your eternal lifeAnd ended up creating the world called “death”! -------------------- You, O God, delivered us—We who...

Meishu-sama and the Bible – 18

Meishu-samaSince human beings have been breathing within the world of night for the last thousands of years, impurities have accumulated from that sin. This may not have been a huge issue until today, for humans have grown accustomed to living in darkness, in the...

New Year Service 2021 – Greeting from President Narii

   PDF file: 20210101_New Year Service_Pres Narii   Happy New Year, everyone. As we welcome the arrival of the new year that brings a refreshing spirit to all creation, we were allowed to hold the New Year Service with Kyoshu-sama, the only existence who...

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