Who We Are

We were born on earth

To become children of God

More than 2000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth sacrificed his life and blood on the cross and thus atoned for our sins, for all humanity. Jesus then rose from the dead – resurrected – and fulfilled his mission as the child of God, as the Christ, as the Messiah.

While Jesus proclaimed himself as the Messiah, he also pronounced that we could be his brothers and sisters if we do the will of God and that each one of us must be born anew in order to see God’s kingdom.

We believe that the true meaning of what it means to become a brother or sister of Jesus Christ and what it means to be born anew has not been revealed to humanity for a long time, for nearly 2000 years.

In Japan, in the year 1954, our founder Meishu-sama (1882-1955) announced that he was born anew as the Messiah.

We believe that what Meishu-sama achieved is not something that was limited to himself. To be born anew as children of God, as Messiahs, is what every human on earth has to aim for, or rather, it is our destiny determined by God. Each one of us, without exception, is connected with and possesses the spirit of the Messiah within us.

Meishu-sama, in this way, completed the task God began 2000 years ago through Jesus Christ, proclaiming the truth that we are all united as one under the name of “Messiah.”

For all humanity to be born anew as children of God and become true brothers and sisters through the name of Messiah are what Jesus Christ, Meishu-sama and God all wish for. We believe in this truth.

We sincerely hope to walk our path of faith together with all of you who seek this good news of true salvation, going beyond the boundaries of religion, nationality and race.

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